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1). How much does the program cost?

Ans: Please see the Brochure.


2). Will I make back the money I spend to come on the program?

Ans: All applicants can earn back their money on the program but it all depends on each
individual’s effort.


3). How much will I be paid per hour?

Ans: STEEP International will only source and recommend jobs that pay at least US$7.15 (The minimum wage of the U.S.)


4). Is there an age limit?

Ans: Yes there is. Eligible applicants should fall within the 18-30 age range.


5).  Can I stay with relatives?

Ans: Yes you can. Applicants are free to stay with relatives on the program. However, STEEPcannot guarantee that we will find you a job where you choose to stay. You can however source your own job.


6). How long can I work for?

Ans: The program duration is normally from May – October. Students however normally return in September for classes.


7). If I already have a visa, do I need another visa?

Ans: Certainly. The visa you may already have is classified as a visitor’s visa. Students are not legally able to work on such visas. The program however helps you to gain a J-1 Work Visa which will allow you to legally work for the summer.





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